It's winter: mulch like your life depends on it

LESSON 1 - For garden rock stars

Any of you who know me, know I will not shoosh about mulch. In winter it can be life changing. Not only does it make your complete shambles of a garden look less horrific, it does these amazing things: 

  • Minimises weed regrowth so you can spend less time freezing your butt off outside
  • Nurtures and protects the plants like a fur coat in Moscow while they cope through the cold months
  • Jazzes up the parts of your garden you are forever apologising about. Stop that.
  • Is a cheap way of requiring a gardener less often (can't believe I typed that). Even works if you're a bit of a tight wad. $30 bucks will work wonders for a garden bed


Now there are just a few things to be aware of before you race off and get mulched up. You really have two colour options - black or brown. Don't be picky. In my opinion black works for a more formal garden, brown is a bit softer and more mellow. Match it to your personality. You can choose loose by the trailer load or bagged. Although bagged is more expensive, difficult access to a garden can often make this an easier option overall. Unless you have a strong back and a free Sunday. Make sure you don't buy the chemical filled crap - you want the naturally dyed mulches or if you've got a bit more dough go for organic. Show off.



If you are really keen to save cash, find a local arborist and see if they'll drop you off some fresh mulch from their tree felling. They are often all too happy to drop this off in bulk and for next to nothing. But word of caution... this mulch is cheap because it is yet to start breaking down. Apply this directly to your precious plants and it will drain them of all their goodness while it rots down.

Simple fix? Option A - leave it in a pile to break down a bit OR if you're not the type of person who can just LEAVE STUFF ALONE, then make sure you add a good handful of Sheep Poop (pellets) around each plant to make up for the nutrient drain that will take place.

Any questions?
Let me know, I can talk mulch all day.


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