Mini makeover

Tracey hard at work - as always!

This week our first free Mini Makeover took place for a very special local couple, as nominated by their wonderful neighbour. We've been so looking forward to these projects!

We don't do these makeovers for promotional purposes and so there probably won't be many photos of garden owners. I sometimes reckon privacy is just a nice thing to maintain. But that doesn't mean we can't share a cool background story!

Tracey and I felt such affection and admiration for this week's winners. A couple in their 90's, still living independently in their home, very much in love and looking after each other. Our morning spent reviving their border gardens just means they can still potter in their garden space and enjoy their years of hard work. 

I need to mention at this point, they do have a regular volunteer gardener - their neighbour in her mid 80's who was a bit hesitant about us messing with her hard work. But we had a good chat, she gifted us some of her avocados and we have made arrangements to work together to keep things looking good. She's chief gardener and we are her seasonal tidiers. Fair enough I say. A huge thank you to the Albert Eden Local Board who contribute to materials for these local projects meaning we get to help more people to love their gardens!

Kate and Tracey x


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