Succulently living walls

Create your own Succulent Wall....

On a recent trip to Russell I came across some fantastic looking living walls such as this one decorating the entrance to Hone's Garden (the best summer pizza joint by the way).

Living walls are excellent when you have limited space or just want to freshen up blank wall zones.

However not all living walls are created equal. Some require a lot of preparation and maintenance to keep looking great. That's why I'm all for succulents if it's your first attempt. 

Succulents are extremely low maintenance, they have minimal care requirements and love to multiply meaning you don't have to start with a full wall if you're wiling to be a little patient.

They come in loads of colours and textures - some are flowered, others spiky - and they are always a talking point. 

The living walls I've found you in this blog are what I would define as 'industrial design'. 

If you watch the video you'll get a close up on what's involved - my own 6am guided tour. 

I've also attached a free downloadable sheet with step by step instructions so you can create one yourself or make a great classroom project that keeps on giving. 

Have fun! And get in touch if any questions,

Kate x


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