Hellebores - the roses of winter

"So are these weeds? They don’t seem to do much. Do you want to just pull them out?"

That is generally how the conversation goes around Hellebores.

And to be honest when they are not flowering they are certainly ‘subtle’ in colour and texture.

BUT in mid winter, when everything else in the garden is looking tired, these guys take the stage.
And boy do they do their bit for a winter garden!

Fondly known as 'Winter Roses' Hellebores flower profusely in the garden when not much else is doing anything of visual interest above ground level. 

Their flower markings and petal shades are stunning and although they look delicate they are actually fairly low maintenance and easy care.

So here’s my advice - if you do have Hellebores, then be kind to them - they will reward you!

Hellebores are best growing within a semi shaded garden bed. That way, you can ignore them when they aren’t at their best and they'll take centre stage during the coldest months when your garden is in hibernation.

In writing this post special thanks has to go out to Maggie Lam - an epically talented surface designer who created this Hellebore sketch for me, which I just adore - and can't wait to see on fabric. 

Thank you Maggie!! Here's to you - and Hellebores!


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