Weathering steel - just one of our current design obsessions

One path to a great garden design is the use of clear structure and form.

We often achieve this simply through the meticulous selection of plants, chosen for their growth habit, textures and tones. But equally it can be the combination of plants together with hardscaping choices that makes a garden extra special.

Corten or weathering steel is one of our favourite ways to add either strong curves or fabulous, crisp lines to a design. It can either frame a garden bed or create a statement area, and increasingly there are some gorgeous, local products on the market that mean you can D.I.Y. it without much trouble at all. 

A couple of our recent designs have featured corten to add height and drama with a raised plant bed, or to create an edge that is both striking and lawnmower-proof!

This kind of steel ages wonderfully over time adding ongoing interest to a garden scheme but it’s also really practical. It can be cut to length and bought in various heights, so garden beds can be raised in an area where soil conditions aren’t ideal or used to add satisfying layers to a garden zone.

Here's an illustration of one of our recent designs using corten that we can't wait to see come to fruition!

[Our thanks to Straightcurve Garden Edging for letting us use the fabulous photo above]


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