Garden Maintenance

Photo by Elizabeth Explores on UnsplashWith hose-pipe bans a week away in Auckland, we are hoping that Mother Nature will soon take over chief irrigation responsibilities but there are a few things you can do to keep your garden in good shape over the coming months. When rai...
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Since it is likely our home caffeine consumption is going to soar over the next little while, we thought it might be handy to have some quick tips on what to do with those used coffee grinds in the garden. Just remember to give the grinds a really loose mix in with the soil,...
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Your questions answered for as long as the lockdown lasts!

We have been sharing tips with our locked-down customers who want to keep their gardens looking gorgeous until their next Kate & Co. visit! And we thought why not share some of their questions (and our advice) with you all…. Help! How do I get rid of a rat i...
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I get it. By the time Christmas rolls around, the garden is not top on your priority list. But at the same, so much of what happens at Christmas time takes place in the garden (think bbq, wines, family photos....) so here are my top tips to making it a space to be proud of. ...
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