Hi, I'm Kate

I'm a local Auckland garden designer with a team of gardening ROCK STARS. My joy is in helping people to fall back in love with their gardens.

Whether it's garden design, a major tidy up or just a little advice, we can help!

Whatever your starting point, we love to help you rediscover the magic of your garden. Big or small, we can develop a garden design that reflects how you want to use your outdoor space.

Or it might simply be about a good tidy up and some new planting. Either way, we can help you uncover the uniqueness of your garden so that you'll want to hang out there ALL. THE. TIME.

Oh and we love being covered in mud and digging holes ;) We have a team of inspiring gardeners who show up 100% every day and look after each garden as if it was their own - we are a family who just loves what we do.

Giving back

An important part of our business ethos lies in dedicating part of our time back into the community.

We believe a well loved garden plays such a key part in how we feel, and want to help in making gardens beautiful for others who for personal reasons are unable to do so for themselves.

Awards and recognition

We're proud of the feedback and recognition we are starting to get. Check out the awards we've received here.

"Life is good; gardening is magic"

Let's chat!

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If you're interested in a career in this incredible industry I would love to hear from you!


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