Love your garden: our community work

An important part of our business ethos lies in dedicating part of our time back into the community.

We believe a well loved garden plays such a key part in how we feel, and want to help in making gardens beautiful for others who for personal reasons are unable to do so for themselves.

The 'Love your Garden' project was created from this belief and I look forward to profiling up and coming projects. We are currently working on a Mount Albert home garden and with the support of local council, various volunteer groups and so many other wonderful people, I look forward to sharing these transformations with you as we go.

There is also a pro bono aspect of the business by which both time and resources are donated weekly to help individuals in the community make their garden a space to enjoy. Kate was the first ever recipient of the Neighbour's Day award and they had this to say:

"When Kate the gardener moved from her close knit community on the far side of Wellington Harbour, to the central city ‘burbs of Auckland, she was thrown into the unknown. A new community for her and her family, and a new role for her husband, which gave Kate more time to focus on her passion, gardens. Clearly not one to sit around pondering, in less than three months Kate has turned a quiet request on the Neighbourly website into a booming gardening business that is split between commercial jobs and community volunteer projects, and is growing by the week."

Read more about the Neighbour's Day Garden transformation here

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Do you have a worthy community project we should consider?

We love to give back so if you have someone or some garden which deserves some extra love we would love to hear from you! 

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