A formal design with a warm welcome, Orakei

Our brief

Having worked with our clients to adapt the existing garden to suit their unique style, the entrance courtyard was a summer project. 

The owners wanted to enhance this intimate space with abundant layered planting while keeping to a strict white and green palette.

Our design

Our well-travelled clients were drawn to the overflowing plant styling displayed in European courtyards.

Plants needed to be able to cope with the heat of this enclosed courtyard while complementing existing planting and a modern water-feature. 

The starting point for this design was the large urn. Our planting recommendation needed to balance the proportion of this pot so we made a conical perfumed star jasmine the centrepiece, surrounded by mass-planted white petunia, ivy and trailing dichondra. 

Two more statement pots were sourced in dark charcoal to contrast the white walls, with topiary laurels taking pride of place and abundant underplanting to match the urn. 

Other plant beds were filled with white hydrangea, scented gardenia and creeping ficus, underplanted with elegant rain lilies. 

The effect is a super-stylish entrance that remains striking throughout the seasons.



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