Elegance and harmony, Epsom

Our clients' brief

Our clients’ garden already had good bones but lacked cohesion. Our brief was to set a creative direction that reflected our clients’ taste and then develop a plan to selectively replace plants and achieve their vision of a lush, harmonious garden.

Our design response

Key to success in the design of this extensive garden was restraint, through limited planting and colour palettes, in turn providing cohesion throughout the numerous garden zones.

Few plants were actually removed, but careful plant selection brought in some bold textures and scents such as spotted ligularia, frangipani and gardenia, providing lush foliage and creating a mid layered planting while unifying existing planting.

Repetition and mass-planting was balanced using elegant choices of rain lilies, euonymous and structured pittosporum balls.

Now that we’re approaching a year since planting, we are thrilled to see this design develop into a garden that balances colour and abundance with calm and classic choices.


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