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We are based in central Auckland and Hawkes Bay

Please get in touch to see if we can be of service in your area!

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Weathering steel - just one of our current design obsessions

We often achieve this simply through the meticulous selection of plants, chosen for their growth habit, textures and tones. But equally it can be the combination of plants together with hardscapingRead more

Designing for drier days

With water restrictions likely to be part of the north island landscape for some time to come, the thought of investing in a new garden can be a little nerve wracking. But with a little bit of designRead more

Tips for keeping your garden hydrated (without breaking the law!)

Photo by Elizabeth Explores on Unsplash With hose-pipe bans a week away in Auckland, we are hoping that Mother Nature will soon take over chief irrigation responsibilities but there are a few thingsRead more

Simple steps for winter-ready roses

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash You might notice your roses are looking a tad confused at the moment - some are choosing to flower profusely, while others have folded early and headed into winter.Read more

Brew up some Banana Peel Tea for your garden

Did you know that you can make a really easy, all-purpose garden fertiliser from your banana skins?  Just grab a container and soak two or three skins in around 600ml of water for a few days (orRead more

Gardening tips for an Easter staycation

While Easter weekend often involves a mad dash to the garden store, this year we’ve come up with a few easy ways to show your garden some love, without heading out at all. Mulch & cover vegetableRead more

5 ways to use coffee grinds in your garden

Since it is likely our home caffeine consumption is going to soar over the next little while, we thought it might be handy to have some quick tips on what to do with those used coffee grinds in theRead more

Happiness is pottering in the garden

We have been sharing tips with our locked-down customers who want to keep their gardens looking gorgeous until their next Kate & Co. visit! And we thought why not share some of their questions (andRead more

Hellebores - the roses of winter

"So are these weeds? They don’t seem to do much. Do you want to just pull them out?" That is generally how the conversation goes around Hellebores. And to be honest when they are not floweringRead more

Street frontage that goes with the flow

When you have a strip of plantable space out front of your home, knowing what to plant can feel overwhelming.  A wander up and down your street will give you a good feel for how your neighboursRead more

Awesome planting options for shared spaces

Shared spaces offer some great options for well thought through planting.  This week our team have been reworking a couple of these zones, including apartment shared walkways and school gardens. Read more

Succulently living walls

On a recent trip to Russell I came across some fantastic looking living walls such as this one decorating the entrance to Hone's Garden (the best summer pizza joint by the way). Living walls areRead more

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