A contemporary classic, Ponsonby

Our clients' brief

Our clients were looking for a design that would let them enjoy abundant colour and texture all year round, while also ensuring a low maintenance garden. It was clear that they appreciated both the classic look, as reflected in their home's architecture, but also were hoping for some contemporary edge.

Our design response

For our client’s front garden, we recommended a structured planting for strong, visual impact. A traditional plant selection that included loropetalum, corokia and dietes were mass-planted in tight rows, resulting in a stunning, contemporary-classic feel.

Contrasting foliage provides year-round texture and colour, while repetition of the rows brings a harmony that’s pleasing to the eye.

In the rear garden, a mostly native mix of plants was chosen to link with the park behind the property. A low-growing hedge of corokia would tie in with the front garden planting, in front of which a striking combination of mounding hebe is alternated with black phormium.

This was a relatively simple project but hugely popular with our gardeners for its elegant simplicity.


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