Bespoke design at a distance

We've often been asked whether we do design work outside of Auckland but it wasn't until Covid-19 came along that we were able to make time to develop a remote design offering.
During lock-down, we trialled and honed this new way of working - and it's funny how it soon becomes second nature.

So get in touch! Whether you live in Wellington or Kerikeri or somewhere in between, we are now working our design magic across the north island.  

One: design concept only

Our simplest design option.

We start all our design projects by listening to your ideas and aspirations for your garden, however rough or refined they are. We also ask a bunch of questions about how you want to use your outdoor spaces, and what you like and dislike about it now.

We then develop a design response that proposes a look-and-feel (or 'moodboard'), along with plant suggestions that are appropriate for the conditions of your garden.

This 'concept only' option works well for those who need help getting out of the blocks but would enjoy working through the detail themselves.

A design concept is priced from $360+GST, depending on the scale of your project.

Two: concept plan

Our most popular design option.

This design approach begins as described above with the development of a bespoke concept for your garden.

We then pause again to listen to your feedback and as needed, we adjust the concept before taking the next step of reflecting the agreed direction in a plan. This is a scale CAD drawing of your garden that provides a hard and/or soft landscaping layout – in other words, what to build or plant, and where.

Our ‘concept plan’ option is priced from $650+GST, depending on the scale of your project.

Three: top to tail design

With this detailed design option, we're with you every step of the way.

Our top to tail design package means that as you're bringing your garden design to life, we are there to provide all the detail and support that you need.

As above, we start with a thorough conversation about your vision for your outdoor spaces, however rough and ready it might be. We then present you with a design concept for discussion and feedback, before it's evolved into a detailed planting plan. These are supported by plant specifications and quantities, together with guidance on plant sizes that ensure you invest your planting budget where it counts.

Finally, even as you're planting, we are here to answer your questions, big and small.

Our top to detail design package is priced from $870+GST, depending on the scale of your project.

How design at a distance works

We like our clients to approach the design process whichever way they'll find most enjoyable. So long as there is a good quality dialogue, this can be done by email, phone, zoom or a combination of these.

What we will also definitely need includes:
- video and/or plenty of photographs of your garden zone(s) to be designed
- some measurements and details on sun and shade in your garden
- what you know about your type of soil, any dry or soggy areas
- any images you have of gardens you like.

We generally provide our design concepts and plans via PDF files but can also post you printed copies on request.

Let's chat!

Request a phone call or make an enquiry here. We'd love to hear from you.

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