5 ways to use coffee grinds in your garden

Since it is likely our home caffeine consumption is going to soar over the next little while, we thought it might be handy to have some quick tips on what to do with those used coffee grinds in the garden.

Just remember to give the grinds a really loose mix in with the soil, and spread the drop-off points around your garden so you don’t over-acid one patch by accident!

Specific treatments - sprinkle around the roots of acid-loving plants (blue hydrangea, azalea, camellia and roses will all enjoy the treat).

Pest control - common garden pests aren’t fans of coffee grinds (another reason to feed those roses some grinds!) In this case, no need to mix the grinds into the soil, just sprinkle around the base of any plants being nibbled on. 

Into the compost - add a bit to your compost and you will deter any rodents trying to be friendly (just remember they are part of your green matter and need to be balanced with brown, such as dead leaves and dried grass).

Uncool cats - cats are often put off by the smell so sprinkle liberally in patches where your neighbour’s cat might be doing its business.

Unwelcome ants - if you know of any entry points where the ants are collecting, sprinkle a little pile of grinds in these areas to keep them away.

If you’ve got any other topics you’d like some hints and tips on, do let us know. 

And if you're running low on coffee supplies during lockdown and want to support local, we love the 'Bold' blend created by our good friends at Altezano Brothers (who kindly lent us this image).


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