Designing for drier days

Photo by Isaac Trebilco, words by Crystal Connell-Nash

Photo by Isaac Trebilco, words by Crystal Connell-Nash

With water restrictions likely to be part of the north island landscape for some time to come, the thought of investing in a new garden can be a little nerve wracking. But with a little bit of design input, you can still create a beautiful garden that will better handle drier conditions as weather patterns change.

Of course there is a myriad of hardware out there to make life easier in the garden and irrigation systems with additional features like rain sensors are certainly becoming more popular.  

And we ask no forgiveness for continuing to bang on about it, but mulch is a must!  Using organic mulches such as compost or bark not only lock moisture into your garden beds, they also repress weeds and improve your soil structure which all equals a healthier garden and more beautiful plants! 

What matters most however when planning a garden that can cope with drought is your planting choices. Some plants are just better equipped to cope with long, dry summers.  Any plants originating from hot dry climates such as the Mediterranean, South Africa or Australia are going to be adapted to the dry life. 

But looking closer to home, we have many natives such as corokia, coprosma and libertia to name just a few that will also do the trick. And the great thing about using natives is that when the rain does come, as it inevitably will in Aotearoa, many of our plants can also stand up to the wet, too. 

Here you’ll find one of our recently planted designs with a strong flavour of native plants, blended with some traditional florals. We have a range of design services that can be adapted to fit your needs. Whether you’d simply like some advice or a total garden transformation, in Auckland or across the north island, we would be excited to help.


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